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Ants are hard working animal totems, that are ranked as the world’s top invaders, and this dream subconsciously demonstrates that you are feeling your work life has merged into something unexpected. It means that your work situation is becoming stressful, and it is up to you to actually change something.

This dream is a message to keep up the hard work, as it will pay off in the end.


If your dream involved a massive super ants colony, then this shows someone who is around your work life possesses a threat to your performance going forward. It is important to recognize this threat, and face your fears in the future. The advice is that you should become friends with this close enemy. Although this dream brings on the surface positive work relationships, this can sometimes not prove to be the case.

In your dream you may have…

  • You step on ants.
  • You see red ants.
  • You see black ants.
  • You see termites.
  • You see very small ants.
  • You see ants with wings.
  • ants are invading your house.
  • ants are invading your body.
  • See lots of ants.
  • See lot's of ants walking.
  • Observe an ant’s hill.
  • Have ants biting you.
  • You are watching ants.
  • Crushing ants.
  • A long line of ants,
  • Seeing ants carrying food.
  • An ant’s colony.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • Keep up the hard work.
  • Face your fears in the future.
  • You change the current conditions.
  • Examine who is invading your working space.

Detailed dream interpretation...

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If the ants are causing disruptions in your life, then this dream signifies situations can reach behemoth proportions. The spiritual advice of this dream is to examine who is invading your working space, and how you can contain any threat that is made to you in the future.

To dream of ants in your home or in your clothes is a sign of little anger in your personal life. If you see an ant is carrying food, this means you will be reproved because you do not work as much as you should. Ants mean you will have a good deal, and you will have gains. Ants are also the sign of prosperity in business, but only if you change the current conditions. This dream portends hard work, but also exaggerated gains.

The dream of ants is good. According to the Eastern tradition, you might have to work hard, but you will have advantages. In the Western and Persian traditions, the explanations are similar, that you will gain from your work.

Ants in your dream are the omen of hard work, rewarded effort, honor, gain, and a financially good situation. If you step on ants by mistake, you will have big worries. Dreaming of winged ants suggests carelessness at work. If in your dream ants invade your house, you will have an unfavorable future, and if the ants invade your body, this is the omen of a serious incident ahead. Feelings ants in your ear means a death could occur.

If you dream of thousands of ants, this is the omen of temptation. If the ants are walking, you will have good wealth and fruitful activities. Seeing an ant’s hill means you will receive lots of money. Being bitten by ants in your dream can foretell misfortune.

Watching ants in your dream suggests that your friends benefit and take advantage from your work. If you are crushing the ants, you are burying your luck by yourself. Seeing a long line of ants that cross your path means luck. If you see the ants carrying food, this predicts good effort, and that your work brings you gains.

For more clarification of what ant's mean as one's animal totem please click here.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of ants...

Terrified. Tired. Lazy. Confused. Upset. Overwhelmed. In a bad mood. Offended. Insecure. Angry. Anxious. Worried. Strange. Insecure. Furious. Admiring. Wondered. Surprised.

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