Cow Mouth

Unlock the hidden secrets of the face

Cow Mouth

In this case, the lips are thick and broad. The corners on the upper lips point upwards just slightly.


People with this mouth do not waiver, even when they are faced with the hardest situations in life. They face such situations with calmness and they are steady. They are not easily blown by the wind.



These are the best people to perform donkey work in an organization. They have the patience to work for long hours in order to deliver results.


These people can be trusted and relied upon to deliver quality results in whatever they do. They are capable of responding to an emergency with a lot of ease.


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These people do not take shortcuts in life. They have a strong belief in working hard in order to achieve excellence in life. Their main goal is to prove to the world that they can deliver great results with good efforts.


The name fits these people because cows are not violent and they show a lot of patience. They easily achieve their goals because of great persistence that they exhibit in working. They are also peace lovers. They do not like people who engage in conflicts. They prefer situations that promote love and great relationships.


Summary of characteristics...


  • Great lovers.
  • Do not like conflict.
  • Promote love and relationships of others.

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