Dragon Mouth

Unlock the hidden secrets of the face

Dragon Mouth

This type of mouth consists of long, thick, wide, and fleshy lips. The mouth has sharp corners that are pointing upwards.


People with a dragon mouth have quick reflexes. They are good at adapting to change. They do it fast without wasting much time. Any situation is quickly analyzed, and possible solutions are formulated as well. In summary, these people think on their feet. They can be an asset in cases of emergency. They always have quick fixes for any situation.



These people are superb in networking efforts. Due to this ability to network, they easily discover opportunities that will be hard for others to see. They always succeed in their endeavors because of many good traits they possess. They have great persistence in life. That is why they never quit easily when they start doing something. They have to get results first. They make great friendships quickly. The type of relationship they form is long lasting. In terms of getting contracts, they sail through easily because they have great public relation skills.




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  • Great at networking.
  • Worry about others.
  • Will work hard in life.

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