Imbalanced Eyebrows

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Imbalanced Eyebrows

By saying that one’s eyebrows are imbalanced, we mean that one of them is slightly higher than the other.

This simply means that this person may have brothers or sisters from different parents. It is quite unusual to find this type. The positive aspects are that the individual with such qualities will aspire to be rather practical life. This person has great common sense and is disciplined and careful when it comes to work. There is no lack of ambition and they are sure to reach the top in life.


In matters of relationships or friendships, these people lack forthrightness. This generally means that they have serious trouble putting themselves in the situation of others and they cannot view life from the perspective of other people.

In matters that concern their professional life or careers, they start projects very well, but finishing them is a major problem. The do not have the will that encourages them to take their projects to the end. Perhaps their biggest weakness is their not being able to seek favors from other people, and to do this, they have to scheme very well.

On the whole, these people contribute great practical ability, caution and more importantly common sense. They give great termination when it comes to a task as we have already mentioned they find it difficult to finish a project. The subject should be able to understand and come to terms with other people's problems. There is also a relaxed attitude around any psychological hangups. In terms of relationships they are normally a caring individual.

They enjoy success in their influence will add determination to any project that they work on. Misfortune can often be caused by the individuals approach to problems. There is a tendency to not be that great with money and also to some degree quite deceitful. Care needs to be taken in order to understand this trait.

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There is also a focus on possible movement abroad for those people that have imbalanced eyebrows.  They can also be sensitive to other people, and make heavy demands on others. There is a tendency to act with more imagination than in a practical sense. 



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