Unrevealed Teeth

Unlock the hidden secrets of the face

Unrevealed Teeth

For the lips to completely close over the teeth represents a character that spends time with nature.

This is a common feature of the mouth. surprisingly, some people are unable to close their mouths fully, this is evident in around 13% of the population. This mouth type, however is associated with those that do not reveal there teeth.


 It is not surprising that it’s bearers are distinguished by their love of beauty and determination in life. This person rarely loses contact with the earth and spiritual matters.

The purpose of this person’s life is to aim for the highest goals.

 If the lips are thin in length then it means this person is fond of the outdoors, especially gardening. They are usually of a happy and mild disposition and, even though sensitive at times they will concentrate on a single aim. Great pertinacity also characterizes this person. The unyielding determination means that they climb to the top in either a career or social life.

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