Wrinkled Mouth

Unlock the hidden secrets of the face

Wrinkled Mouth

A slightly wrinkled, full mouth signifies a wish to use imagination and originality in problems.

This person seeks creative ideas, and dislikes rigid rules and methods that limit their choices. This person would rather find a solution to a problem. If there are lines covering the whole lip area this is a sign of wisdom. Equally, if the area surrounding the mouth is also full of lines this means that the person likes to rely on themselves.



People with wrinkled mouths have health problems. A wrinkled mouth is an indicator of people who are lone rangers that have problems having satisfactory relationships. They do not have friends who last. They really struggle in matters of trusting other people, and this is the main reason for isolation.

They are even isolated from their family members and other people who are close friends. Their view on money is negative at best. They believe that it is the cause of evil. Such belief bars them from becoming wealthy.


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Their fear of other people comes from their lack of trust in other people and their belief that other people are trying to harm or take advantage of them.

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