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Criminal handwriting traits

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When a suspect to a case is apprehended, there are various ways and means of gathering evidence that the police can use.

One of the most unique of these methods that can lead to the conviction or acquittal of a suspect is the handwriting. Yes! That’s right. The hand writing of a person is distinctly unique and the way a person writes can be used to describe the person and their environment.


Just how is the handwriting analyzed to give sufficient detail that can make or break a criminal case? The process of analyzing the handwriting requires two sets of handwriting for comparison purposes. With this, the first thing that is checked is the letter form.

Here, the things that are checked include curves, size and the slants that are evident in different letters. Different letter samples depending on their location and are used to reduce any error that might occur.

The other feature that is checked is the line form that the writer uses. This feature checks on the thickness that the writer uses, speed and the pressure applied while writing. The last feature that criminal handwriting traits check on is the formatting which includes spacing between letters and words and margins in between lines.

When checking for similarities, the handwritings are compared and the above features are used and the style of writing to consider uniqueness of handwriting.  Shaky lines, and starting and stopping lines that are dark indicate simulated work and hence work that is not original.

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Writing being an activity that takes place through direction of the subconscious region of the mind is supposed to be natural and with smooth starts and finishes as opposed work that has many starts and finished in between letters. When making good use of the above outlined features, it is guaranteed that spotting differences and similarity in text will be quite easy.

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