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Letter C

Graphology in readings

Letter "c"  is part of the middle zone family of letters.

In mid sentence, to join up the letter "c" with the left and right letters is a positive omen. It means that things are going to be content.


Curl up to the letter "c"

To curl the pen up to write the letter "c" signifies mental or emotional stress and possible fearful feelings or worry. You've got a strong requirement for closeness. In associations, you're a individual who includes and bonds together with your partner. If you are single, you would like somebody that will consider you and also share every aspect of existence with you. Your challenge in love, is understanding how to provide your partner his very own space.

Forward Slanted "c"

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You interact with people really well. Your emotions are normally wide open to others. If challenged by others you will have an emotional reaction. For the "c" to be forward with a loop means that you have a visual and experiential approach to life. You listen best when you are able take notice of the person speaking to you or see a situation from many different perspectives.

Backward Slanted  "c"

Growing up, your extreme sensitivity might have triggered by many family problems, even separation or divorce. You must use your own actions and arguments. Consequently, you might feel "allergic" to anybody shouting to you and hate noisy verbal disapproval. You're more motivated by physical expressions of reassurance and acceptance.

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