Uncover the hidden handwriting secrets


Graphology in readings

It is said that no two individuals can ever truly have the same handwriting; this is because with each moment in a person’s life, comes different experiences that engrave themselves within the mind causing habits in form and pressure of one’s writing. A good hand writing analyzer will be able to discriminate even the most professional forgeries for this particular reason.


Generally there are three different kinds of handwriting styles. The first is the letter ‘A’ versus ‘a’.  If the letter is well formed and considered simple to read then the writer has good communication skills, when the ‘a’ is complex or has knots or other twists and turns in it the person will be somewhat indirect in their communication methods.



The letter ‘B’ versus ‘b’ shows that the writer is idealistic when they use a higher upper loop. When the upper loop is also wide in addition, this means that this person expresses their thoughts more fluently. If the loop is more in the middle then the writer might be subject to a somewhat gullible nature. When the letter ‘b’ is more printed then the writer is likely to have more imagination in their everyday life than the average Joe.


Each letter in the alphabet means something different psychologically depending on who you are and with what energy is backing up your writing.  

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