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Sigils for Health

Creating a sigil for health can be a matter of life and death at various points in a person’s existence.

This is because there are points in our lives where we need to grab ahold of the healing powers of the Universe and hone that energy into either healing ourselves, healing our loved ones, healing a situation, healing your neighborhood of crime or sorrow, or even as big as healing the world.


Since healing is something which we all have a right to, but don’t necessarily realize it, creating a sigil to direct your healing capabilities is a good way of reminding ourselves that we are children of God, and that we have the power to create vast amounts of change in this world.

Obviously, this can be an extremely complex concept to wrap our brains and spirit around, especially since society tends to teach us that we have no control, that we are victims of circumstance. All the more reason for us to learn the great power of using sigils to heal.

When one sets out to create a sigil for their healing purposes, remember that this is a filtration process. If someone you love is injured or sick and you want to hone in on the healing powers of yourself and the Universe, you need to spend some valuable time focusing on what your end result is. Is it that they are healed completely? Are you healed completely? What do you or they look like when you or they are happy and healthy?

If you need healing for yourself, from heartache or a physical ailment or both, you’d want to focus on the areas of the body which need assistance. In matters of say, a simple common cold, you might want to envision in your mind’s eye what your lungs would look like, all healthy and pink, after having recovered from said cold. To create your sigil, you would then draw a picture, or connect to a word or phrase which feels healing to you.

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Some for this purpose choose the word ABRACADABRA because it is so powerful and full of sounds which are appealing to the mind. In this, you can begin to take each letter from each side of the word, and begin to break them down into their various parts, to put the image of what it is that you want together. You might draw a lung, or a nose, or a heart, or a picture of a face and draw the sigil over that part of the body.

Or once you have created it, you might bless the person, or yourself with the sigil either with oil or just with energy. Spend some time meditating on this healing concept, on being healthy, on being happy and strong, and on connecting with the Universal healing energies which exist in this world. This is how one tunes into healing.

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