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Success Stone

Jewelry is worn to be pretty and inviting but you can also wear stones for purpose. This spell incorporates a citrine stone to bring success into your life.

Use this spell to charge your stone and keep it with you when you need to be successful. This spell is especially helpful in getting promotions, finding a job, or doing well on a project at work.


What you need:

A citrine stone set into a piece of jewelry. This can be a necklace, bracelet, or even a simple pouch.

Success Oil (if you need to make this see: success oil spell)


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Take a drop of the success oil and rub it into the stone while chanting seven times:

“The law of success is attraction. Bringing about positive actions in my life creates momentum. I am successful. I am strong. I have the will to create success. So mote it be.”

Wear the stone with you whenever you need to create success in your life.

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