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Gain a accurate rune stone reading

Gain a accurate rune stone reading

Meaning of Gebo

This rune is sacred to God. When it’s upright, Gebo is considered to be a rune of generosity.

It also suggests giving gifts and accepting them. Gebo is a symbol of giving gifts and spreading peace.


This rune helps develop associations with mutual consent and good healthy affectionate relations. When people get close, all misunderstandings vanish, and their relationships reach new heights of love and affection.

Gebo also highlights the need for sacrifice in one’s life and to maintain and get rid of negativity.

Gebo highlights the need for sending gifts to people who are important. Here, sending gifts also means exchanging positive energy with your close ones in the form of gifts.

Each and every decision we take in life, generally takes sacrifice for someone important in our life.

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This rune also emphasizes the bonding of sexual energy between a couple, which can be in the form of love and marriage.

But if it's reversed, It clearly signifies that one will lose their most valued friend, or you might get separated from your beloved, and it also highlights one’s selfish nature and tendencies.

Gebo is also known as Gytu. It means “gift” in general.

Key Concepts: Surprises, Gifts, Giving, Victim, Steadiness, Stability, Unselfishness.

Psi: Appreciation, Pardon, Admiration.

Energy: Changes in rights, Getting friendly by gifting, Scapegoat.

Mundane: Appreciation, Profession, Materialistic surprises in the form of gifts.

Divinations: Kindness, Open-heartedness, Spirituality, Lust, Isolation, Impractical, Prizes.


  • Magic of love in the form of sex.
  • Sharing of true heart, and not artificially.
  • Love and understanding between siblings.
  • To know the real purpose of giving gifts.
  • Divine unions and pure, but hidden marriages.

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