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Gain a accurate rune stone reading

Gain a accurate rune stone reading

Meaning of Mannaz:

When the term goes spiritual, the symbol Mannaz means and intends to the ones who would like to acknowledge the value of self and their self-potential.

The ones also tend to unlock the mysteries of life and their selves with a higher degree of consciousness or of higher self.


It also revolves around the discovery of a higher self that relates with gods and nature. Every person can uplift to this state as a perfected self which has no regard to the identity the person acquires in this world.

With the initiation, the spirit that the person has inside will tend to establish a relation with the unknown, the mystery that connects with god and nature to humanity.

There is a tradition called Northern spiritual tradition that shows every human’s relation with Christ and capacity of every human to become Christ.

Mannaz is a rune of human consciousness and rationality. It is also about its advantages to various scholastic study, exams, and various other competitions.

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This is put in the place where there is always something that has a profound effect on all of humanity and civilization that has a connection with it.

Mannaz is also known as Mann or Madr. It means awareness or humanity in general.

Key Concepts: Intelligent, Intellectual, Civilized, Kind, Bright, Rational, Humane, Reasonable, Influence.

Psi: Brain and Recollection (Hugin&Munin), Intellectual development, Rational, Ideal Intelligence, Outcrop of self into time.

Energy: Spiritual way of Divinity mirrored in humanity, Protrusion of identity into time.

Mundane: Thoughts, Preparation, Psychoanalysis, the Individual State, Inhabitants at hefty amount. (Masses).

Divinations: Heavenly arrangement, Sustainability, Astuteness, Consciousness, Social arrangement, Divine power in existence, Dejection, Collective suicide, Humanity, Slightlessness, Delusion, Prejudice, Chauvinism.


  • Self-discovery and self-actualization in life.
  • Consciousness of heavenly influence in humanity.
  • Increment in intellect, aptitude, and vision (passing tests).
  • Releasing of third-eye level or sixth sense or mind’s eye.
  • Triggering of state of own self or higher self.
  • Consciousness of oneself as with relation to heavenly things and god.
  • Rational potential to acknowledge self.
  • Holy potential to acknowledge self.

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