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The Celtic Cross

The most popular and well-known of all of the tarot spreads is the Celtic Cross
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The Two of Swords

The Two of Swords is a card that effects most people now and again in their lives and when the time comes it is never a comfortable position to be in.

Nevertheless, sometimes the cycles of stasis inevitably become the reasons that we push ourselves so hard to progress. In this, though t

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The King of Cups

The King of Cups is like the King of Cool.

He is a great card in a reading when you are seeking ways to express yourself emotionally or having to accept aspects (or people) in your life that you would rather not. With the King of Cups in your reading you can know that while there may be

The Six of Swords

When you have received the Six of Swords, this is a sign that the difficult cycle that you have been experiencing is now ending.

You must allow yourself to flow with the phase so that it can completely eliminate itself from your experience. Now is the time for you to investigate the pos

The Magician

The first numeric card in the tarot deck is the Magician card.

In the story of the Tarot the Magician is the progressed form of the Fool after having gathered all the knowledge and wisdom of the road. Now in this aspect the Magician knows that he is in charge of his reality. You are mov

The Six of Pentacles

Following with the story line of the pentacles you will find that there are ups and downs regarding stability, money, and work.

The Five of Pentacles was a card of destitution and recognizes the need to ask for help in order for one to get back on their feet. The Six of Pentacles is now

The Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands appears galloping on his horse wielding a wand partially in bloom.

When this Knight arrives in your life, be prepared for someone to present new concepts or ideas that will be helpful and inspiring to you. When this card is representing you, you can expect for many c

The Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords is a card known to many for its different challenges.

When you have received this card in your reading, there is an emphasis in your life on education, particularly advanced education, or some kind of trade that you are beginning. You are a calculating individual and

The Nine of Wands

If you have received the Nine of Wands in your reading you will be receiving a strength of vision that you never thought was possible in the past.

This vision is going to be equally balanced with emotions, spirit and physical health. You are making the right choices for yourself. You ha

The Ten of Swords

The Suit of Swords, as in all suits, is a story of progression.

There are different levels of growth, opportunities for change that are presented to get you through the story from the beginning, middle and then to the end. The Ten of Swords is a culmination of all of the negative aspect

The Knight of Swords

If you have received the Knight of Swords in your reading, then there are many assertive energies that are encircling you at this time.

You are a protective person, philosophical by nature, studious, alert as well as direct and some think of you as an extremely knowledgeable type of lea

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